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Dunfermline Half Marathon 2008


Gillian said: “Sunday was the Dunfermline half.  Perfect running conditions.   Cool and calm. They’ve tweaked the course so now it’s two times round the same loop which for me any way made it seem like a very short half marathon.  Starts and finishes in Pittrievie Glen Park with a lot of running round housing estates in between.  Not a very scenic course but the last mile in the park with a lot of vocal support was good. Managed 1 57 34 and got a quality pink themed medal.  Some of the guys were a bit dubious about the colour scheme !!  Nice wee running expo to mooch round before and after.

Place(776) Gender Place Category Place Time
Gillian Grant 535 120 15 01:57:34
Norrie Wood 615 462 2 02:04:53
Adrienne Murray 695 128 26 02:14:24

My running buddies are sister Adrienne Murray and Norrie Wood from Fiona’s Jog Scotland group. All 3 of us using it as a training run for the marathon.”

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