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Penicuik 10K 2008



Eilidh Slimon (6th female finisher) and Gillian Grant (2nd in Category) took part in the 25th running of this event on an undulating course. The weather was wild; thunder and lightning, heavy rain, flash floods and hailstones all adding to the interest! Well done to both ladies.

Place (185) Time
Eilidh Slimon 81 00:47:15
Gillian Grant 153 00:56:46

Eilidh said: ” Just to let you know I did do the Penicuik 10K on Saturday.  It was a last minute decision, which involved Brendan driving like a mad man to get us there while I changed in the front seat!  We were half an hour late for registration but they still let me enter, which was nice!  It was my first ever time in Penicuik and soon discovered it’s not as flat as I imagined with a cracking big winding hill at the start and then lots of little rolling hills during the rest.  There was thunder and lightening throughout which made it very atmospheric! When I was about half a mile from the finish it started to spit, by the time I crossed the finish line it was starting to pour and by the time we ran to the car 100m away it was torrential followed by hail stones!  Finished up 6th female overall, which was no bad, you certainly have to make the most of the downhills to make up for the up hills.  Great cheery and supportive marshals with delicious teas afterwards, a feast for anyone with a sweet tooth, needless to say we scoffed many chocolate treats! ”  

Gillian said: “I did the Penicuik 10k on Saturday.  A first for me.  Field of approx 250 runners, registration (you can enter on the day) ,changing, refreshments etc. at the High School.  A challenging course which translates as one long steep hill for the first 3km.  Then it turned into a lovely rural run, very scenic very pleasant until the last 2km when the skys opened.  Huge thunder and lightning storm, slashing rain, hail stones, flash floods on the road.  All jolly exciting stuff.  It was like running through a power shower.  In 7 years of running wildest conditions I’ve ever been out in.  But it was strangely invigorating to run in.  Worse for the marshals who must have been frozen standing about in it.  Nice wee medal but I’ve no idea what post race feed was like. Like most people I didn’t stick around. I looked like I’d been swimming.  Managed 56.46.  Trainers still drying out ! “

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