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Black Rock ‘5’ 2008

Piper at the Black Rock
Piper at the Black Rock
Place (564) Time
Gillian Grant 467 00:41:27
Fiona Mackenzie 468 00:41:30

Fiona Mackenzie and Gillian Grant took part in this year’s event.

Fiona said, “What a lovely night for a paddle. My times vary very little -2003  —  41.52, 2006  —  41.30, 2008  —  41.30 ?? or something like that. This year felt marginally more comfortable though. Good beer at the end & burgers & bananas. What more could you want? (well maybe the water could have been a weee bit warmer!)”

Gillian said, ” Black Rock is a cracking race.  One of the best nights out I’ve had for ages (can’t believe I just said that).  Lovely summers night, started with 3 Jog Scotlanders, the 2 blokes naturally enough just about had a heart attack zipping away from us half way round but Fiona and I went round together in 41+ which I was more than happy with for 4.5 miles considering we had to splodge through the freezing cold up to our knees in water at the half way point which reduced us to walking for a couple of mins.   Then the crowded pub for a beef burger and a bottle of cider.  I’ve spent worse Friday nights !!”

Full details (including photos) of the event are available at www.blackrock5.org. Other photos of this year’s event can be seen at www.roadrunpics.com and a few are shown below along with some from Gillian:

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