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Dunbar 10K 2008



An excellent turnout and performances from ERN members at the Dunbar 10km. Some impressive times including at least 4 PB’s! Everyone in under an hour as well. This is a well organised and enjoyable event, 322 runners finished, with good homemade snacks etc for the runners afterwards. Congratulations to all – well done.

Place (322) Time
Phil Humphries 40 00:39:45
Eilidh Slimon 137 00:46:44
Tracy Lazenby 163 00:48:18
Joanna Parry 192 00:50:46
Gillian Grant 216 00:52:51
Joanne Forbes 242 00:54:22
Fiona Mackenzie 266 00:56:19
Eleanor Mackenzie 289 00:58:38

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

Fiona said: “Dunbar-done & dusted. Good showing for ERN. Everyone did well- Gillian didn’t quite make 49minutes, but did display no 49 quite by accident-& got a teeshirt for coming out to play on her birthday. Ely managed sub 60 with ease this year-well done & svelte Phil managed 38 or 39 something because he had blisters & needed to get the pain over quicker. Free beer at the end- marvelous.”

Elly said: “Well what can I say – it has taken 3 years to get under 1hr at Dunbar and I have finally achieved it.  However Phil thinks I could have done a mad sprint to the end and knocked a few more seconds off – however that’s for next year!  Well organised and if you are quick you get lots of sandwiches.”

Phil said: “The thought of free beer, the pick of the sandwiches and painful heels gave me a strong desire to get the race over and done with quickly resulting in a PB of 39.45 – knocking about 2 mins off my previous PB!  Well organised and probably a fun race to do (if you don’t  turn up with blisters on your heels before you start!).”

Gillian (the birthday girl) said: “Expect you’ll be hearing a lot about the Dunbar 10k.  Must have been the biggest turn out of ERN vests ever! It was the usual supremely well organised event. Arrived in the sunshine which was a good start especially as the fore-cast was snow.  Great changing facilities two minutes  from start and finish,  very scenic course, varies between admiring the sea and running through woods.  There’s a nasty little hill at the harbour but at least you get it over and done with fairly early on. Plenty of showers with abundant hot water available prior to free tea, sandwiches and a can of beer whilst the presentations were made.

I was bib number 49 which was brilliant cause it was my 49th birth-day.  When I told the race director this fascinating fact he gave me a T shirt as a birth-day present.  So kind of him.  That’s the sort of thing which makes me prefer small races to big ones. And extra special huge thanks to Fiona for the chocolate birth-day cake she surprised me with after the race.  Beer and chocolate, how good is that !!

Great report on the H and H halfie.  How could Neil possibly look so cheery in the snow.  Suspect it will be held on my 50th next year…………..I feel a team outing coming on !”

Some Photos below (not in any particular order)

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