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Welcome the World 5K 2008



Thanks for photo Fiona, and the cheers. Always so nice to see friendly faces on a course. And they don’t come any friendlier than yours, Brendons and Wee Cols!

Race report…………………… well, put it this way if it was an annual event I wouldn’t go back. I’ve forgotten exact amount but think it was about Β£13 to run round the park. No music, no marshals, no water station half way (ok we don’t need it but a lot of beginners would have appreciated one), no medal. The T shirt will fall apart in two washes, and the unique memento promised in the goody bag was a “See You Jimmy Hat”. Is that the sort of image of Scotland we want to portray to the world? Handing out cheap and nasty rubbish? Rest of goody bag was water, leaflets and a short-bread bar. The organisers described it as a “fantastic goody bag”. Not in my book it wasn’t. Sorry to be such a mump but in the 100+ races I’ve done tis first one I’ve felt some-ones having a laugh at the racers expense !

P.S. It was wild, wet and windy so quite chuffed I managed 27.40.


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