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Semi Marathon de Paris (Paris Half Marathon) 2008



Joanne Forbes, Tracy Lazenby, Joanna Parry and Eilidh Slimon represented ERN and took part in the 16th edition of the Paris Half Marathon. Of the 24,000 registered entrants, 18,642 started, of which a disproportionately small number were women (3,935). The Parisian Ladies posted some impressive times given the vast numbers running – congratulations and well done to all. Jo and Jo also raised over £600 for Maggies Centre and would like to thank all those that sponsored and supported them.

Name Time Overall Position Category Position
Tracy Lazenby
Eilidh Slimon
Joanna Parry
Joanne Forbes

Joanne said: “Jo, Jo, Tracy and Eilidh decided on a wee weekend break to bon Paris and threw in a Half Marathon just for good measure! Arrived on Saturday where once we had arrived in Paris and dropped off our things at the lovely hotel, we had to travel to Parc Floral where the Half was being held to collect our numbers and goodie bags. This was very well set up in a large sports hall where there were lots of stalls set up advertising various sports products and other races.

We could tell that the race was very male orientated from the start as it was mostly men collecting their numbers plus the goodies bags all contained male deodorants and body washes! We all got a lovely T-shirt which has an image of male runners on the front! We ladies decided we were going to have to show the men how it was done!

The race itself was in the Southern part of Paris, Parc Floral was very nice plus there was large chateau set in grassy surrounds. We arrived early and luckily had Jo’s friend Katherine with us who could take our things plus take photographs! 8 portoloo’s to a crowd of over 20,000 wasn’t really satisfactory which was a real let down on the day. Weather was great, quite cold and misty rain so kept us cool through out the race. We all got into the same pen (surrounded by men!) and set off for a busy race. The race was very busy for the first 10km but was very straight and flat which did help. Regular watering holes and orange wedges were very pleasant but the orange skins did cause a hazard! It was not as scenic as we would have liked as the race heads North through the main streets towards Notre Dame then turns and heads south again. There were no toilets at all along the way and poor Jo had held in for 15km before she had enough and nipped behind a bush much to her disgust when she found some one had left her a wee smelly present! Every 5km there were crowds of French firemen watching and cheering which I have to say personally did help me to get round, it was a little incentive to know that there were some handsome men waiting………..!

We all completed the race is good times considering how busy the roads were and we all got a lovely medal at the end! Poor Eilidh did suffer with some horrible blisters (as you can see from the photos) but other than that we all survived in pretty good condition!

We spent the Monday on the tour bus travelling round Paris seeing all of the famous sights which was really nice as we were all a bit stiff! Overall our trip to Paris was fantastic; the Half Marathon was very enjoyable but could be improved with a more scenic route and more toilets!”















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