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Lasswade 10 Mile Road Race 2008


Gillian Grant, Fiona Mackenzie and Neil page took part in the Lasswade 10 Mile Road Race. This run is an early season favourite, not exactly flat but very scenic and well organised. Starts and finishes in Rosewell-Midlothian and is run on quiet rural roads. There are a few climbs, mostly in the first half but the second half is downhill. The Lasswade run is also justifiably famous for the post race tea and cakes. Some comments and photos from the participants below:

Position (from 372)
Neil Page
Gillian Grant
Fiona Mackenzie

Gillian said:

“Lasswade is such a nice race, well organised, very supportive marshals, good free tea at the end and although there is an awful lot of up, up, up stuff there is just enough flat or down hill to give you a chance to catch your breath. And the steepest hills are in the first 6 miles so by contrast the last 4 miles are great fun. Quite a fast field, suspect lot of people use it as a New Year fitness marker. Managed it in 90.32 which I was quite happy with. Photo is A Jog Scotland group including Colin Sheal (in yellow jacket) who organises the race.”


Neil said:

“I enjoyed the Lasswade 10 miler too, being my first attempt at it. Nevertheless, with the course’s ‘undulations’ I was very glad it was just a ten miler rather than a half! Anyway, the exceedingly tasty home baking at the finish really makes up for all that up, up, up stuff during the first 6 miles Gillian mentions.”

Fiona said:

“The Lasswade 10 mile race has always had an awesome reputation with the Roslin Glen, & often a touch of wind holding people back down in the glen. It wasn’t quite as bad as I thought, for one thing I had Gillian to focus on [photo no 1 below] & finally that hill training I make everyone do seems to have an effect. Stubborn-ness must come into the equation too. Those Porty girls were not going to pass me on the hill! It is a bit of a horror though.

After the big hill, there are a series of smaller hills, but I made 5 miles at 48 minutes [not long before the leaders were finishing] -about my normal speed, & had a few foot rearrangements to do, a pit stop after the water station for a quick Paula, & another foot rearrangement, before coming into finish at 96.45[my time], so I’m sure that counts as a technical negative split. Lots of encouragement from friends, family & those Porty girls at the new pleasant finish & then a king size tunnocks caramel wafer to complement the caramel shortbread.

Marvellous. So much better once it’s over. A quote from one of the Porty girls – that first 10 miles was really hard!

Roslin Glen with Gillian in the distance
Roslin Glen with Gillian in the distance
Fiona and Brendan
Fiona and Brendan

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