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ERN AGM 2008, The Outhouse Bar, Broughton Street Lane, Edinburgh



Jo Parry, Jo Forbes, Krista Black, Murdo Macleod, Claire Martin, Fiona Mackenzie, Gillian Grant,
Gordon Faulkner [later]


Ely Mackenzie, Phil Humphries, Neil Page, Tracy Lazenby.


  1. The previous minutes were accepted.
  2. The committee:
    • Fiona resigned as chairman-to let someone else see where they can take it.
    • Jo Parry resigned as treasurer.
    • Gordon was retained as secretary.
    • Jo Forbes was eventually elected as chair
    • Jo Parry retains the events arrangements
    • Krista Black is new treasurer
    • Fiona & Gordon are retained as coaches along with Claire Martin [qualified jog leader]
  3. The pasta bowl extravaganza could be rebooked for the 11th of February, depending on whether they will open up for us. Action: Fiona
  4. Balance in account £160
  5. Annual Membership agreed at £12
  6. Membership due in March. Jo Parry to arrange an email to alert people to Friday 14th March in Café Royal Bar, at 6.30.
  7. Summer run series to be arranged. Action: Murdo/Fiona/Gordon
  8. Donkey Brae bar-b-q as summer meeting. Action: Jo Parry.
  9. Murdo suggested Maggie’s Centre as charity if anyone looking for a charity to run for. Fiona finding out about the cheaper just giving site. Details to follow, Maggie’s Centre
  10. Jo Parry seeing if we can get a short run of medium female vests in time for ½ marathons.
  11. The Mull of Kintyre half marathon was noted to have been good with a ceilidh after. Details to be circulated to see if there was interest in club-outing/overnight stay. Date is Sunday 25th May. For more information, visit their website at www.mokrun.com
  12. Krista suggested updating Committee photos. Date to be arranged.

Thanks to all for attending.

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