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Edinburgh Marathon 2007


Gillian Grant and Ally McDonald represented ERN at the Edinburgh marathon, both posting great times (4.25 and 3.09 respectively). Report and photos from both below:

Gillian said : Edinburgh Marathon was a great success. Started in the pouring rain but sun was out an hour into it. Lovely flat scenic course, a brilliant finish at Musselburgh Race course, much bigger crowds out watching and cheering on the way round than anticipated, loads of support and chat between runners heading out and back, marshals were very cheerful and pleny of water and lucozade available. Special mention to commentator at the end who kept the atmosphere going with music and banter well beyond the official 6.30 close down. And I got a PB. 4.25 so all in all a pretty good day.

Couple of photos of the Edinburgh Marathon.  Standing about in the rain in Princes St was actually more fun than it looked cause we were all high a kites. Other one is at mile 19.



Ally said : The Edinburgh Marathon turned out to be a perfect day for me. The early rain disappeared, diminishing my fear of running with wet feet. I was aware I was running too fast, even though my heart rate monitor was lower than I expected. Luckily passing the two mile marker I heard beeping watches coming from two English runners I was about to pass. I decided they must be running at a set pace and decided to stay with them.

The group of three formed to a group of five and to my surprise we stayed together until the turn around at 16.5 miles. The four other runners spurred on by the change of direction and the wind no longer in there faces suddenly started to leave me. However, by Longniddry I had caught them all and I ran with the only remaining group runner with some energy left, to Cockenzie. From there he picked up the pace again and I knew I couldn’t keep up with him.

I sped up at the last four miles and still had enough energy to run a very fast last mile. The only problem I had was I had told everyone to expect me in around three hours twenty minutes to three and a half hours. I decided not to wait and scraped in just under three hours ten minutes. The only person to see me was my wife Melissa without the camera ready, leaving my dad and a friend with a wasted trip from Kelso.

It was a great course, not many hills and plenty of water stations. I would recommend anyone participating in future years to try the Meadowbank to North Berwick run, as it takes a very similar route. Knowing where I was helped especially when trying to judge the pace in the last four miles.


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